European Cousins

Byrek: Albanian byrek, related to the Turkish börek is a rolled pastry appetizer made with very thin phyllo dough filled with ingredients like spinach, celery, varieties of cheese and vegetables.

The most common Bulgarian snack food is banitsa (often referred to by its diminutive form, banichka, or known in some areas as byurek), a flaky pastry filled with cheese or, on occasion, meat. At its best, the banitsa is a delicious light bite, although it's invariably quite stodgy by the time it reaches the streets. Mlechna banitsa (literally "milk banitsa ") is a richer, sweeter version made using eggs and dusted with icing sugar, while the Rhodopska banitsa , found only in the Rhodopes, is more like a soufflé filled with cheese.

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In Greece phyllo dough is used to make different kinds of filled pastries:

Burek: Related to the Turkish börek, the burek is a large, flaky pastry stuffed with meat, cheese or apple. They are popular as a breakfast snack and is usually served with a yogurt sauce.

Pateuri are flaky pastry filled with cheese or meat.
Placinta are pastry turnovers and have sweet fillings.

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