Asian Siblings

The sambosa in Afghanistan is a triangular pastry with a savory filling based on spiced ground beef and diced potato. As variations to the sambosa, the Afghan kitchen also includes:

The national dish in Mongolia is the booz which are steamed mutton dumplings, the size of a small fist.

Huushuur (sometimes called Khushuur) are fried mutton pancakes similar to booz, but flat and fried.

Bansh is the same as booz, but smaller and usually fried or in served in a soup.

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The Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan have common culinary traditions and the samsa and the manti are popular all over Central Asia.

Samsa: Samsy (in the plural) are baked meat dumplings often cooked in a tandyr (clay oven).

Manti: These are steamed dumplings filled with shredded meat (or sometimes pumpkins), usually eaten with the fingers.

Chuchvara: These are meat dumplings filled with minced meat, onion and spices. Chuchvara are boiled in salt water or bouillon and served with "suzma" (sour milk), seasoned with pepper, passed onion and tomato, with black pepper or with sour cream.

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