European Cousins

Placinte: Thin unleavened pies filled with curds, eggs and green, potatoes, cabbage, apples or pumpkins.

Varenyky are square or crescent shaped dumplings filled with cottage cheese, potatoes or berries. They are similar to the Polish pierogis but are usually larger in size. Varenyky are served boiled with sour cream, sugar and butter.

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Vareniki (varenyky in the Ukraine) are a national Russian dish, somewhat similar to pierogi, pelmeni and ravioli. Vareniki frequently have cottage cheese filling and are served boiled. The name varenik in fact, simply means "boiled thing".

Pirozhki are small turnovers consisting of a pastry wrapping and various fillings such as meat, seafood, cheese and mushrooms. Pirozhki can be served baked or fried. Pirogi are larger versions of pirozhki, and are served as the entree.

Pelmeni are usually made with minced meat filling, wrapped in thin dough. They are served boiled topped with butter and/or sour cream. A typical pelmen is roughly spherical and is about 2 to 3 cm in diameter.

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